Smile Design

Smile design is a dental procedure to manage the shapes, contours and colour of your teeth in proportion to your face and as they appear when you smile. It’s a bespoke procedure that balances function, health and aesthetics to give you a straighter, whiter and beautifully natural-looking smile

What does smile design involve?

Some of our dental team have studied smile design and are qualified to carry out the many steps involved in the procedure.

This begins with a consultation with you so they can fully understand why you’d like a new smile and how you’d like it to look.

They will then take a series of detailed photographs which they’ll use to create a plan to develop your new smile.

Any changes to your teeth must be in proportion to the rest of your face and to your gums and lips, which frame your smile. The dentist will use two models, created from the photographs they took, to test these changes. The first model acts as a baseline while the second can be altered until the dentist is sure you’ll have the perfect balance between function, health and your final appearance. They will then use this model to create a 3-dimensional blueprint they’ll follow to model your new smile.

The whole process means you’ll be able to visualise your new smile and be sure that the end result will be what you’d hoped for

Smile design