Our Fees

We want you to be able to enjoy good oral health throughout your life. To help you do this we have two care options:

Dental Plan

Our comprehensive dental plan helps you spread the cost of your routine care over the year. It also gives you priority when booking an appointment and covers you for emergencies – at home and abroad

0% Finance

To make it easier for you to have the smile you’ve always wanted, we offer 0% finance for all treatments over £500.00

Treatment Costs

All treatment costs from:

New patient examination (includes two x-rays):


Routine examination


Examination and minimal scale


Emergency appointment


Two x-rays


Hygienist appointment (routine monthly):


Hygienist appointment (extensive):


Hygienist appointment (airflow):


Hygienist appointment: (extensive scale and airflow):


Scale and polish with dentist:


Temporary filling from:


Amalgram filling from:

One surface


Two surfaces


Three surfaces


Composite filling from:

One surface


Two surfaces


Three surfaces


Root filling from:







Extractions from:



Single retained root






Perio chip (each):


Recementing existing crown from :


Porcelain bonded crown from:


Ceramic crown from:


Precious metal crown from:


Gold post and core for crown from:


Core for crown from:


Temporary Crown (laboratory made) from:


Onlay precious metal from:







Onlay all ceramic from:


Inlay precious metal from:

One surface


Two surfaces


Three surfaces


Four surfaces


Inlay Zirconia from:


Bridge all ceramic (each) from:


Bridge full gold (each) from:


Bridge Maryland (each) from:


Bridge PFM (each) from:


Night Guard:





Sports Guard:


Denture partial acrylic one – four units:


Denture partial acrylic five – eight units: 


Denture partial cobalt chrome:


Denture full (upper or lower):


Denture full (upper or lower):




Clasp addition:


Denture repair from:


Denture reline (at the practice):


Denture reline (in the laboratory):     


Denture addition from:


Composite veneer from:


Porcelain veneer from:             


Tooth whitening from:


Invisalign dual arch:


Invisalign single arch:        


Missed appointment or late cancellation: