Routine care

We understand that you may feel anxious when you visit the dentist. However, regular check-ups will help prevent problems from developing and make sure you continue to enjoy good oral health.

What does a routine dental check-up involve?

The first time you come for a check-up we’ll ask you to give us your complete health history. From then on, we’ll start all your appointments with a few questions about your general health and any problems you‘ve had since we last saw you.

The dentist will then examine your teeth, mouth and gums. While the examination is thorough, the dentist will always be gentle and will go at your pace. We want you to feel comfortable and happy to come back for regular check-ups.

The dentist may suggest you make an appointment with the hygienist if they detect any gum problems or feel your teeth would benefit from a deep clean.

They may also take an X-ray of your teeth to make it easier for them to spot any cavities or other underlying problems or so they can see the exact position of your teeth in your jaw.

The whole appointment should normally take no more than ten minutes.